What To Expect

I love alliterations.  I have something special planned for every day of the week.  When I post on that day, it will be about the following:

  • SACRED SUNDAY (This will cover topics related to our spiritual growth and healing.)
  • MYSTERY MONDAY (There’s always room for a little surprise in your life.)
  • TABOO TUESDAY (I am a big believer in talking about all the hard stuff of life, the “elephant in the room” kind of stuff.  No shying away here.)
  • WELLNESS WEDNESDAY (The focus will be on all kinds of wellness:  body, mind, soul and spirit)
  • THANKFUL THURSDAY (Will be sharing what I have been thankful for during the past week and what has blessed me.  Look for recommendations on this day.)
  • FAMILY FRIDAY (Topics will cover parenting, marriage, friendship, dating.)
  • SERVICE SATURDAY (We will be meeting all kinds of people who are giving back to their communities.  Look for webcast interviews in the near future.)